About Integrity Hair Care Systems

We are a black-owned business that provides hair growth solutions to a diverse clientele. From hair serum drops to shampoo, we can help you with your hair loss concerns.

What We Provide

Healthy Hair Growth Results

Since its origin in 2005, Integrity Hair Care Systems’ focus and concentration have been focused on offering hair care that prevents hair loss to our diverse clientele. Hair product ingredients are important and play an important role in how healthy hair production. This is why we emphasize utilizing hair products with natural and organic ingredients.

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25 Years of Experience

About The Founder

Ann Turner is a lifelong resident of Philadelphia with over twenty-five years of experience in the cosmetology industry. She is the founder and President of Hair Du Jour Salon in Philadelphia, PN as well as Integrity Hair Care Systems. Ann offers her natural products to her loyal clients in her hair salon as well as to the millions of female consumers of beauty and hair products online.

Our Mission

Community Outreach

In addition to the business aspect of her life, Ms. Turner is involved in the community and civic activities as a “give back” to her own town of Philadelphia. She hosts a weekly segment on radio station WURD 900 AM, offering tips to the public on hair care and hair loss. Ms. Turner and her salon have been featured in programs sponsored by the African American Chamber of Commerce as it promoted black businesses in Philadelphia. She has been recognized and honored by Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes for her work in the community.

During the pandemic, Ann Turner founded the Pennsylvania Professional Image Alliance, which helped small businesses and the personal services industry to come together to advocate for funding to support their businesses during COVID-19. The organization counts more than one hundred and fifty (150) hair salons and barber shops among its membership.

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Are You a Salon Owner?

Hair Growth Solutions for Your Clients

Salon owners, more than anyone, understand the hair problems different clients face. Hair loss is a struggle with which many men and women suffer. Integrity is the perfect opportunity for salon owners to offer a solution that promotes hair growth. Whether the clients are affected with female or male pattern baldness, a receding hairline, or other forms of alopecia, our all-natural hair care system is designed to promote natural hair restoration and works on any type of hair. Start making a difference and offer hair growth solutions to your clients today!

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